Many businesses utilize one of the many varieties of cargo trailers to assist their commercial activities or to transport their products and/or equipment to a job site. One of the most important factors in a commercial trailer is the large marketing space available on the sides and rears of these trailers. Why show up to the job site with a blank trailer when you can show up with a billboard that attractively advertises your products and services? Let us turn your boring storage-mobile into a moving billboard that generates revenue and promotes your hard work. Like many of our vinyl graphic projects, we request images of the sides, front and rear of your trailer. Once we have digital photos of your trailer and accurate measurements we choose existing graphics from our library or digitally design graphics to your specifications, then superimpose these graphic options onto the images of your trailer for your consideration. As an alternative, you may provide images or designs of your own for use on your trailer, including digitized versions of your business card or company signage. Lettering is an important factor as well, and we offer a wide variety of fonts and lettering effects to create just the right image for your company trailer. All graphics are produced using high performance cast vinyl and are either computer cut or digitally printed.

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