Murals are available in two distinctive styles: printed photo murals and cut vinyl murals. Photo murals (Murals 2) are custom, with an interactive design process that allows you to provide (digitally) the source art or image in the form of personal photos or artwork. A photo mural is digitally printed with shape and size variety, in high resolution with superior outdoor durability. All photo mural projects are priced by the square foot. Also offered are standard sized murals featuring images from our library that are specially priced to take advantage of the predetermined size and shape. Photo murals are also available as exterior window murals. installation help
          Cut vinyl murals (Murals 1) are standard images from our library. Cut vinyl murals are produced and assembled from solid colored pieces of vinyl to produce an image or scene. These murals can be color coordinated and sized according to available space but cannot have any changes made to the images regarding content or theme. This style of mural has a set price. installation help

          Photo murals can be digitally printed on a unique material and installed on glass surfaces, offering high visibility from the inside and high resolution images on the outside. This specific type of output is used on vehicle, building or residential windows. Window or glass murals are used in wraps extensively. Window murals are a more difficult installation than photo murals or cut vinyl murals and may require professional installation.

          Having begun this service at our inception, removing and replacing stripes is our specialty. We offer RV restriping services at our shop in Apache Junction, Arizona. If you are unable to travel to our location we can supply restripe materials, stripes and associated graphics and logos to complete an RV restripe project. At this time we treat each restripe project as a custom project and do not supply specific brand/model year kits. By requesting measurements and other information from you about your RV we can create a stripe materials list and supply those materials to you. With the aid of digital photography you can supply us with photos of your RV so we are able to reproduce your factory graphics and logos. Complete redesign of your vehicle is available with designs displayed on photos of your RV, allowing interactive design projects. As we build our library of images, replacement graphics, and logos we look forward to offering model year kits in the future. installation help

          Redesign occurs when the goal of the project is to change the exterior appearance of the vehicle from the original factory design. The difference between restriping and redesigning is the use of digital design. A redesign project requires the submission of design layouts to clients, who participate in the process of changing the exterior appearance of the RV or project vehicle. When factory stripe and graphic materials are removed there remains a shadow of the original adhered (or painted) design. While restriping projects focus on covering up the previous design “shadows” with similar sizes and shapes of stripes or graphics, redesign seeks to create more dramatic and modern layouts. Often redesign projects are sought for RVs or other project vehicles that are being repainted, thus eliminating the need to cover the previous design “shadow”.

          A design layout is a photo or scale line drawing of the project vehicle upon which the proposed graphic, mural or other decal is displayed. This provides the client with a preview of the appearance of the project vehicle. Whenever possible we utilize photographs of the actual project vehicle submitted by the client or drawn from our vehicle photo library. Design layouts are not exact representations of the completed project but they are highly accurate, both dimensionally and conceptually. A limitation that exists in design layouts is vinyl color representation; because computer monitors are not similarly calibrated and because gloss, matte and metallic finishes are not represented well on computer monitors, there exists a difference between design layout coloration and the actual vinyl colors used. Color choices are always made by the client using our supplied vinyl color chart.

          There are many possible combinations of coordinated graphics packages: truck (light, medium or heavy duty) and trailer (travel, cargo, fifth-wheel, or commercial), motorhome (class C, A, pusher or coach) and tow vehicle (car, SUV, truck or trailer), truck and boat, race team transportation, commercial vehicles and equipment. The two options in a coordinated graphics package are complete design for all project vehicles, or the reproduction of existing images from one vehicle onto one or more project vehicles. If we are matching existing graphics we need high quality photos of your source vehicle (motor coach, diesel pusher, fifth-wheel, boat, etc). As we build our library of images we treat each coordination project as a custom project and do not offer “off-the-shelf” kits, but we do possess a large library of contemporary RV graphic images. Designs are submitted to you on photos of your vehicle(s) for comments and changes, allowing for an interactive design. For those searching for unique graphic packages we offer complete design services from concept thru production and installation.

          Using products from 3M and AveryDennison, we install a clear-coated urethane film to high impact areas as prevention to ugly paint chipping, environmental damage and the loss of front lighting by rocks and other road debris. These products are available for both RV and automotive applications. Kits are available for all late-model cars, trucks and SUVs; kits can be shipped directly to you or installation is available at our shop. Materials for RVs are limited to basic large strips (no kits) but professional installation is recommended for these applications.

          This term describes the foundation of our services. We digitally design and produce high-quality vinyl graphics. Using state-of-the-art software and hardware we can create or recreate a huge range of contemporary graphics. We can do cool, elegant, simple, complex, inspirational or unique. Using digital images of the project vehicle we design graphics and submit them to you on the familiar form of your vehicle. Normally design layouts are to scale and leave nothing to the imagination. Design layouts are modified according to your comments until a final approval. This interactive design process generally happens through email exchange. Once approved, the design layout is the digital blueprint for our staff and hardware to produce your graphics.

          Stripes are adhesive backed vinyl lengths used extensively throughout industries ranging from automotive to RV to watercraft to aircraft and beyond. Stripes are generally described as straight lines, often running the length of the vehicle, with a beginning and end or a continuous path around the vehicle with minimal height variations. Striping may connect two or more graphics to one another. Most striping rated as high performance carries an outdoor life of 7 or more years. Aging occurs throughout the life of a vinyl stripe and matching colors exactly becomes very difficult after a few years life, although the appearance of the stripe will not have noticeably changed. We supply vinyl striping in a variety of standard and custom widths with lengths in 50’ or increments of 50’. Colors include metallic, opaque, reflective, translucent, and iridescent options as well as specialty patterns. Color charts of available striping can be shipped with the receipt of a deposit. installation help

          Graphics are most simply described as shapes arranged to excite or please the senses. If it is not a straight line then it is probably a graphic. We use vinyl graphics to improve the appearance of project vehicles or to promote interests personal or commercial. We maintain a huge library of graphics that are used on project vehicles to meet client requests. Any selection from this library can be modified endlessly to further satisfy the most unique graphic needs. Existing graphic images can be reproduced (respecting copyright protections) for projects involving coordinated or “matching” packages or in commercial projects where logos and company graphics are featured. Vinyl graphics are also available with digitally printed enhancements, expanding the possibilities substantially. We offer many leading manufacturer’s “pre-made” graphic kits in addition to the graphics we design and produce. The material used in our graphic production is high performance adhesive backed sign vinyl, generally rated for 7 or greater years of outdoor life. Color charts of available vinyl can be shipped with the receipt of a deposit. installation help

          Decal is a broad term describing adhesive backed vinyl products, referred to more specifically as stripes or graphics. Decals are also a category of graphics that are used repetetively, such as club logos, commercial trademarks or business logos, warning stickers, or icons like the US flag and other meaningful symbols. All of our decal production uses high performance outdoor sign material.

          Wide Format Digital Printing now allows for our shop to install an uninterrupted image or image collage on any vehicle and on nearly any type of surface. Wraps are most often used to display a commercial message. Additionally, wraps are perfect tools to promote clubs and organizations, political campaigns, municipal/governmental issues, and other topics of professional and public interest. Vinyl vehicle wraps offer high impact, portable media to a large and diverse audience. A vehicle wrap generally includes covering some or all windows allowed by law; window film is see through and offers an expanded image area to display the image or images. Using cutting edge design software and high performance output hardware the images and lettering are transferred to outdoor durable vinyl and adhered to the vehicle’s surface similar to the installation of vinyl striping and graphics. Wrap projects utilize our digital design services extensively and can be viewed throughout the design process. Wraps feature vinyl/adhesive technology that allows for easily removed projects, allowing for frequent message turnaround and efficient vehicle reconditioning. A vehicle wrap requires professional installation – RV Stripes & Graphics offers installation or can assist in locating qualified installers for these projects.

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