Have you noticed the large number of Sport/Cargo trailers out there on the highways and
in the recreational areas of our country? Have you noticed that predominantly these trailers
are boring, blank white trailers? Life’s Too Short to Tow Ugly, so you’ve come to the right place
to remedy the boring trailer syndrome. Once we have digital photos of your trailer and accurate measurements we choose existing graphics from our library or digitally design graphics to your specifications, then superimpose these graphic options onto the images of your trailer for your consideration. As an alternative, you may provide images or designs of your own for use on your trailer. All graphics are produced using high performance vinyl and are either computer cut or digitally printed. Additionally, we can create a “paint mask” featuring your chosen design, which
if you choose the luxury of a painted trailer project, can be produced in our shop, then submitted to your painter for computer accuracy in the execution of the painted design. You have come to the right place for do-it-yourself advice and materials. We also offer professional design, production and installation services.

A popular theme for many of our clients is race themed graphics. There are endless variations
on the checkered flag theme, which lends itself to side graphics particularly well.

Pairing graphics with straight stripes is an effective design feature as top stripes are helpful
in giving trailers, especially tall trailers, a defined focal area; the stripes also acting as a method
of extracting color from the graphics into the upper reaches of blank white spaces.

Flow is an important graphic design feature. Trailers are often so boxy that to eliminate the “boxy”
feel, dramatic sweeping graphics generate a sense of movement and action, adding excitement
and flash to what is otherwise a boring expanse of nothingness. Complex designs also create
an appearance distinctive from the rectangular borders of your trailer

Simple graphics can be just as effective and visually pleasing as complex designs. Often what is
needed is simply some color and shapes to accent the available space. Vinyl graphics meet the
aesthetic requirements of most trailer owners very well, and it is a rewarding experience to
participate in the design of a custom graphics package that converts your boring trailer into an
expression of yourself and your hobby.

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