After stripes and graphics are removed, the next step is surface preparation. If a “buffing” method is used then the initial procedure is a complete wash of the RV or project vehicle. Buffing tends to spread particles over a large area, so it is not overkill to wash the entire coach, starting with the roof and moving onto the sides/front/rear. Pressurized water and brushed soapy water, followed by a pressurized water rinse.

Adhesive removal requires a simple formula of solvent and physical effort. The solvent of choice is the
3M General Purpose Adhesive Remover. Rubbing alcohol will work but it is very light duty.
Other available cleaners such as GoofOff or citrus based solvents can be effective, but like rubbing alcohol are considered light duty and should be used for small projects due to their limited efficiency.
When preparing the surface of the RV, keep a plastic scraper handy; solvents due not remove adhesive they only soften it – the friction of your rag and the effects of a scraper are what actually remove the adhesive. Be sure to remove caulking/sealant and other obstructions to good adhesion.
The installation surface should be clean, dry and free of debris.
A pressure wash always is a good way to start surface preparation.

A large soft bristled brush works great to remove debris and dirt.

When using a solvent, always wear gloves and work in a well ventilated area.

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