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Here is a before and after grouping where the old saying
“A picture is worth a thousand words” is an apt phrase.
This 1996 Tropical came to us badly in need of exterior
refreshment. The original factory design of striping
and graphics made for a very contemporary RV graphic
package in its originating model year. But time
and normal RV use took its toll, as it always does,
on the condition of the stripes and graphics: the colors
were faded significantly, and the vinyl decals were
beginning to crack and show noticeable
amounts of shrinkage.
Like 99% of all restripes, the need to cover the
“shadows” of the original design had to be balanced
with the client’s desire for a new look. The RV
owners and our staff reviewed the newer Tropical
designs and our graphic artists arrived at a
redesigned look that incorporated the necessary
coverage as well as substantially expanded graphic
elements resulting in a real knock out final look.
This coach left our shop looking years newer and
with its owners smiling effortlessly
in their satisfaction.
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