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Calling this a restripe project is a bit of a misnomer
as technically it was mostly a “re-graphic” project. This 2000 Mtn. Aire by Newmar is a popular and
widely sold RV with a fairly contemporary design,
consisting of nearly 90% graphic elements and
only a small percentage of straight striping.
We prefer the term restripe since regardless of
the shape, all materials are identical high
performance outdoor life rated vinyl decals,
originally used for striping.

The owner of this Mtn. Aire noticed extensive aging on
the entry door side of his coach. After a consultation,
it was determined that this particular side of the
motorhome had, over its lifetime, consistent sun exposure
(like most RVs experience) which contributed to
the uneven aging. The client decided for a complete
removal/replacement (restripe),
featuring a factory graphic appearance as the final look.

The advantage of a restripe project which features
a factory style replacement is the utilization of our
growing library of model year specific “kits”.
Each time our shop receives a project RV we’ve
never preformed a restripe on before allows us to
expand our library to better serve the wide variety
of models that make up the RV community.
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