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The Fontaine modified Ford F-650 Super Crewzer is a
vehicle especially close to our hearts (see the images
on our home page!) and we have labored over many
challenging and inspiring graphic packages for this
unique truck. Fontaine asked for an over-the-top show
graphic package to promote the re-introduction of
their truck. The goal for the project was a dramatic
graphic package that reflected the intense styling of
the Super Crewzer. Additionally, the graphics needed
to make the truck a stand-out in a large group of
trucks at a commercial truck show.

Our installation team was able to position a camera in a
static position to record the progress of the installation,
providing an unusual view of the process and allowing
us to show the viewer the unfolding of the complete
look of the truck and the graphics.
The graphics were digitally printed using our
Summa DuraChrome, onto Avery high performance
sign vinyl, featuring a variety of high energy fills and
digital effects from Adobe Photoshop. It would be
difficult to describe this graphic as anything less than
awesomely dramatic and electrifyingly exciting!
As the graphics come together, the advantages of vinyl
graphics versus paint are revealed. Vinyl graphics can
be removed, rendering this show vehicle ready for
other commercial uses or to act as a blank palate for its
new owner. Additionally, if during the installation a
decision regarding amount of graphics or location of
graphics is changed, it is a simple task to relocate or
remove a particular decal without harm to the factory
paint job.

During installation, the vinyl graphics are layed overtop
of windows and exterior features and not trimmed until
a later stage. This photo shows the installation nearing
completion; visible are some of the trademarks of our
graphic productions: reference/
alignment marks and
the printed “installation map”. These tools make the
difference between a “blind” installation and worry free
install. The alignment marks help the installer locate
the various components of the complete graphic
package in relation to each component, and the
“installation map” provides measurements and location
guidance to ensure as perfect an
installation as possible.

Almost done! Adding the “Super Crewzer”
nomenclature was an important feature for our client,
as it distinguishes this truck from other F-650
conversions. As if the radical flames and killer beveled
edges of the graphics weren’t enough. But the text
feels right at home in its spot between the steps. All
that’s left is hood and windshield graphics and good
show polish.
All dressed up and ready to go. This truck was the hit
of the Mid America Truck Show in Louisville, KY.
Without question there was not a single truck even
close to similar in appearance to this beauty. Total shop
time in this project was over 50 hours, but the
installation portion was the shortest part of the entire
project, comprising about 8 hours. Already a great
looking truck, the F-650 Super Crewzer really
showcased a fantastic graphic design and production
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