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Here is a very unusual and very unique project.
The owner of this “hybrid” specializes in the fabrication of heavy equipment and as a hobby,
built his own heavy duty RV. Using one of his cement truck chassis’, he attached an older Holiday Rambler ‘Aluma Lite’ travel trailer to the bed. He even built a “pass-through” from the cab to the living area, similar to a Class A RV. Once he finished his painting, he brought us the entire unit blank for the design, production and installation of a
custom vinyl graphic package.

Like most RV’s, this unit features a different window and exterior feature configuration from side to side. When we digitally design our graphic packages, this variance is taken into consideration since our goal is generally to match each side in graphic placement. Also like most RV’s, this unit has a large open space on both sides allowing for the bulk of the graphic to fall in roughly the same place on both sides. Using our design expertise and sophisticated graphic design software, we were able to meet the client’s design goal of a contemporary graphic on body and cab, and locate the graphics in the same location on both sides of the unit without major interruption by windows or exterior features.
Using particularly long and flowing graphics, we were able to create a smooth look, eliminating some of the awkward appearance that a hybrid unit might have. By creating a strong visual focal point, we can create a contemporary graphic package that enhances the structural personality of most any vehicle. Vinyl graphics are an effective tool in revising and improving the look of most any project vehicle.
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View the Project of the Month Archive

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