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Our Project of the month for August 2004 was a Nissan Box Truck from Some Burros Mexican Food. Some Burros is a Phoenix based area restaurant chain. It is family owned & operated and is growing in its location numbers. A major part of Some Burros business is Fiesta themed catering and the owners want their delivery vehicles to reflect the festive nature of their service. The company vehicles feature brightly colored logos, "Mascots", and iconic images that reinforce the party theme. This project was designed, produced, and installed using both digital print as well as cut vinyl.

Here is the clients Nissan box truck prior to its commercial graphic package installation. Just a huge blank billboard ready to start marketing for its owners.

Layout and installation has begun. Using computer generated "Installation Maps" we layout reference lines and other pertinent markings for proper graphic and lettering alignment.

Once graphics and/or lettering locations are laid out, the vinyl decals are "Dry Fitted" then attached using masking tape and a "Hinge" method.

Graphics are applied onto the box truck surface.
Rivets make for a more challenging installation but they do not prevent us from using the entire workspace to advertise the company's products, services, locations, contact information, and often a slogan or value statement.

Th final product in all its colorful pride, ready to spread its message where ever the truck travels.

We never leave the rear of a vehicle undone; this is the angle most frequently viewed while in traffic.